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Minneapolis Community Education Summer campers become Summer Staff

Minneapolis Community Education Summer campers become Summer Staff

The "Circle of Life" mantra from the Disney classic, The Lion King, has resonated with many people. This is especially true for applicants to the Southwest Super Summer Program in 2024. They share stories about the positive experiences they had as children and how they want to pass on that experience to the next generation of summer campers.

One 8th-grade applicant spoke about the impact a photography class had on them as a child and how they wanted to help teach the same class. Another 10th-grade applicant hoped to become a staff member and recalled how welcoming and inclusive the staff was when they were a summer camper.

Many people who work at Southwest Super Summer Program started there as children and stayed through 8th grade. They then worked through high school and college, and sometimes beyond. Super Summer Coordinator Dave Premack is a good example. He remembers being told as a teen that working at Southwest (SW) was a chance to do something special. "Growing up at SW and then getting to work there is so rewarding," says Premack. "This unique talent pipeline is great as past campers come already knowing so much. But we are excited for all our staff, even if they didn’t attend here."

We are looking for temporary workers for our 2024 summer programming! If you are interested in joining our summer team, you can learn more about the available positions and apply by clicking the button below. There, you will find detailed descriptions, requirements, and application instructions.

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